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Above are examples of just a few of the many opportunities Cake Pops provide to let your creativity shine!

By: Becca Quay

For as long as I can remember, there is always some trend in society that fades in and out of popularity before you can even fully comprehend what all the buzz is about.  From clothing styles, to dancing videos, to new food choices, these so-called fads engulf nation, and sometimes even the world, one at a time in a seemingly never ending cycle.  Within this past year, a new fad had emerged on the dessert scene that is quirky, unique, and fun: Cake Pops. As Cake Pops have been becoming more and more prominent throughout the past couple of months, I’m sure many of you have already experienced them firsthand or are at least aware of their existence. However, this article is not meant to merely be directions on how to bake your very own batch of Cake Pops from home, but rather to give you some insight of their history, invention, and future. But just in case this is the first you’ve heard of this new delicacy, or you just want to learn more about what Cake Pops actually are, the video below will help bring you up to date.

As explained in the video above, Cake Pops are more or less crumbled up cake mixed with frosting and dipped in melted chocolate. Also shown in the video, Cake Pops can easily be  molded and decorated to fit an endless variety of themes by either yourself or a professional. According to Cake Pop Galleries, Cake Pops were developed as a variation of cake balls by Bakerella, the baker-blogger who earned her claim to fame by discovering the multitude of ways this cake and frosting mixture could be molded to create fun and cute themed desserts. Although the true origin of cake balls are unclear, it is certain that they were initially invented as a way to use leftover, stale cake to prevent wasting food when funds and resources were low (History of Cake Pops).


Pictured are some examples of how Cake Pops can be utilized for a wedding. All pictures are from Weddzilla’s blog post “Why 2013 is the Year of the Cake Pop.”

Another interesting aspect of Cake Pops is their extreme versatility. Due to their convenient size and lollipop style appearance, they are perfectly suitable for nearly every situation.  As Weddzilla pointed out in her blog article “Why 2013 is the Year of the Cake Pop,” these miniature bites are perfect for occasions of any level of formality, even weddings, as they can be dressed up or down to match the feel of the event. In addition to being versatile, Cake Pops can help with convenience and simplifying the planning process when organizing events. In her blog article, Weddzilla discusses how you can use the Cake Pop in more than one aspect of a wedding. Popular possibilities she suggested include using them as a  replacement to a large cake, party favors for the guests, or special treats for the small children in attendance (Why 2012 Is the Year of the Cake Pops). By using Cake Pops in one or more of these fashions for a wedding, or similar event, it is possible to obtain items for multiple aspects of the wedding from just one vender, saving both time and money. In addition to weddings, other online bloggers have mentioned their convenience for school birthday celebrations, especially for younger children, since they are small, relatively easy to make, and more importantly, not messy to eat.


Above are some examples of the arrangements Cake Pop Creations offers to give themselves a competitive advantage in the Cake Pop industry.

As interesting as the development and usage of Cake Pops are, the most intriguing part of their existence is attempting to determine their future. According to The Official Blog of Cake Pop Creations, a commercial Cake Pop producing company, it is impossible to know if the dessert is just another fad for the time being, but for those businesses that give themselves a competitive advantage by focusing on something beyond just the pop itself may survive for years to come. For example, Cake Pop Creations is aiming to give themselves a competitive advantage in the currently overwhelming Cake Pop industry by following the lead of Edible Arrangements. According to statements from the co-owners of the business, their current business plan includes selling their Cake Pops in themed arrangements and bouquets to make them a more permanent substitution to stereotypical gifts such as flowers or giftcards (Official Blog of Cake Pop Creations).

cake pops

These cake pops won an international prize at the World Cake Pop convention in Switzerland.

As you can hopefully see after reading this article, Cake Pops are much more than just a tasty treat on a stick. They are versatile, provide unlimited opportunities for creativity, and have an extremely interesting history, and even more promising future for persistent businesses that remain ambitious in both their procedures and their goals. Of course, it is impossible to predict the future of Cake Pops. Only time will tell if Cake Pops will fall out of the spotlight as quickly as some of their fellow former food fads, such as fried peanut butter sandwiches and sauerkraut cake, or become a permanent addition to our society (50 Funniest Food Fads). However, Cake Pops have an intriguing presence that gives them the potential to succeed that many food fads often lack. Because of their alluring individuality, it is remarkably possible that Cake Pops could follow the leads of foods that grew to be much larger than fads such as Twinkies, Coca Cola Cake, and Spam (50 Funniest Food Fads). So next time you’re contemplating buying a Cake Pop while waiting in line at your favorite coffee shop or neighborhood bakery, think back to this article and treat yourself to one of the most interesting dessert trends you’ll find!



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