By Matt Burns

Heart pounding adrenaline rush or peaceful relaxing cruise?  People have been obsessed with motorcycles since the first passenger motorcycle was created back in 1903 by Harley Davidson (Bellis).  Ever since motorcycles became more mainstream they have created a giant fan culture behind them.   In 2004 there were 5.7 million registered motorcycles in the United States (webBikeWorld).  That number has been increasing by around 200,000 motorcycles a year so that number will be much higher today.  Motorcycles are rode by people from all age groups with a mean age of 40 years (webBikeWorld).  This article will explain how the fan following and even way of life has led to the creation of many different kinds of motorcycles, enthusiasts doing crazy modifications, motorcycle clubs, and motorcycle racing.

There are many different types of motorcycle riders and because of that many different kinds of motorcycles have been created to suit a rider’s style.  Many different kinds of street bikes exist today and they all serve different purposes.  Some examples are: touring, cruisers, sports and super sports, standards, and dual-sports.  These bikes work to distinguish the personality and purpose of the rider.


Pictures  of different kinds of motorcycles

Motorcycle enthusiasts often keep multiple motorcycles for different purposes and often modify or mod their motorcycles to create the perfect match between the rider and their machine.  These modifications can be anything from increasing comfort while riding to increasing performance and maximizing a bike’s potential.  There are also lots of mods that are done just to enhance the look of the bike.  Some people take it quite a few steps farther and perform even crazier mods on their bike to make them completely one of a kind.

Pictures of crazy motorcycles.

As seen from the pictures, riders do all kinds of crazy and ridiculous things to their motorcycles. Riders love their motorcycles with such a passion that groups behind them have formed ranging from motorcycle clubs to even biker gangs fueled by individual’s love for their motorcycle.  These enthusiasts gather in such large groups and even travel across the country to show their passion for their motorcycle.  The following video shows how a group of rider’s all help their fellow rider out to do something special.

Motorcycle marriage proposal.

As shown in the video riders gathered together for one to propose to his girlfriend.  This may be seen as controversial for some due to all those riders could be causing inconveniences for other drivers on the road.  In this first clip hundreds of motorcyclists block off the highway in order for one rider to propose to his girlfriend.  The motorcycle community came together to help their fellow rider in proposing to his girlfriend.  His motorcycle was so important to him that he had to include it in his marriage proposal.  Motorcycle gangs have also developed with their members having a passion for motorcycles and tying their gang membership to their motorcycles.  An example is the Hell’s Angels who have “arrests and convictions for drug trafficking (especially meth), assault, weapons possession and even murder have trailed the group for decade” (James).

Below is a clip of the top three motorcycle gangs.

Motorcycle Gangs

Many people just love to ride and have a passion for motorcycles but the two clips above shows how this passion can go awry.  Not only do people ride motorcycles for the sheer enjoyment of the match between man and machine on the open road but professionally in races across the world.  Races such as MotoGP and the Isle of Man are examples of riders taking their machines to their limits in extreme shows of skill and nerve.

Video clip of Isle of Man

Motorcycle enthusiasts take great pride and value in their motorcycles which is why they may seem crazy in regards to anyone being around their motorcycles.  Any damage to a motorcycle such as dropping it or scratching it severely devalues the motorcycle.  That is why enthusiasts all know of the cardinal rule of never asking to ride someone else’s motorcycle (Jones).  So if you decide one day to get a motorcycle make sure you find the best one to fit your personality and skill level.  And most importantly, enjoy the ride!



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