From Bonnaroo in Manchester Tennessee all the way to Tomorrowland in Belgium the explosion of the music festival scene over the past decade has been nothing short of magical. Building off historic music festivals such as Woodstock (1969) and Monterey Pop (1967) that ended up defining the 1960’s counterculture movement the new era of festivals has become a booming epicenter for the promotion of music and the arts. This trend has been increasing in popularity amongst the current music and youth culture over the past few years and shows no signs of slowing down. In order to present just how incredibly epic these new and improved festivals have become. I have narrated the following video montage to give you the reader a chance to get a miniscule dose of how unbelievably up close and personal the modern music festival experience has become. So sit down and strap in as I take you on the ultimate music lovers journey through the magic that is the modern music festival….Enjoy!