3D Models

Looking for something to 3D print? Try one of our 3SPACE demo models below, or something from our list of favorite things from Thingiverse. Remember, not everything you find online will print easily, and your choice of machine and slicer settings can greatly affect the quality of your prints.

JMU Cube

This model combines the letters in the official JMU logo to make a three-dimensional model for showing off on your desk. The full-size model can be used to hold business cards!

This model works best when printed with a raft but without supports. Use 0.2mm or 0.3mm layer height for a quick print, or make a high-quality print at 0.15mm or even 0.1mm.

Click here to download: JMU Cube.

Quarter Trap

This is a great easy print that shows off the unique additive nature of 3D printing; midway through the printing process, you pause and insert a coin that gets trapped inside the model as the print finishes. We use this model (or its cousin, the “Penny Trap”) as our first-day print in many of our 3SPACE classes and also in our 3D printing workshops.

This model prints best at 0.15mm or 0.2mm layer height, with infill increased to 20%. It must be printed without supports, or else the coin won’t fit properly inside while printing.

Click here to download for any type of coin: Customizable Coin Trap.

Some of Our Favorite Things

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