Design It, Print It, Sell It

During the Spring 2018 semester we held a Design It, Print It, Sell It workshop in 3SPACE.  Five faculty members joined us to expand their 3D design skills to learn how to make a ring using Fusion 360.  This immersive workshop spanned about 7 weeks where the first 4 weeks were spent designing, iterating, and 3D printing prototypes in plastic.

Then next 2 weeks were reserved to have time to order our rings.  We used and allocated a certain amount of money for each person to order their ring in metal for their final version.  Shapeways has the capability to not only let you upload your 3D print and order in multiple different materials, you can also offer your item for sale.  The rings are beautiful and each person expanded their 3D design skills beyond TinkerCad and now have a gorgeous piece of jewelry to show for it.