Applying Political Advocacy to Professional Nursing Scope of Practice and the Health Care Environment

Group Blog


  • Analyze the process, impact and implications of a Health Policy Change for your own nursing practice.
  • Develop and implement a political action plan based on relevant health legislature.
  • Clarify personal/professional healthcare advocacy role through use of technology

See Nursing Blog for guidelines on setting up a blog:

  • Be sure to choose a professional e-mail name.
  • Each group is to set up a blog.
  • All group members should be “authors” to the blog.
  • Blog postings are to be completed by 4 pm on date assigned. 

Blog 1 (March 21)

  • Choose a ‘present session’ health policy related legislative bill at the federal level that is related to nursing scope of practice that illustrates the necessity for CHANGE.
  • Describe the bill and sponsors and the actual or potential issue (need for health policy change).
  • On your blog, discuss the governmental objectives, political influences, and potential impact of the policy change on nursing, clients, and the health care system. Include scholarly evidence for the need for or impact of the policy change.
  • Email the link to your blog to Dr. Eaton.

Blog 2 (April 4)

  • Take a position on the bill and support it. Develop and describe your political action plan and explain the steps that you plan to take to support your position. Integrate your action plan with scholarly evidence for the need for change.
  • Identify key stakeholders and legislators for the bill.
  • Each group member is to contact at least one key stakeholder and/or legislator via email and professionally invite them to visit your blog. Provide a link to your blog in your email.
  • Each group is to post on the blog the stakeholders and legislators contacted by your group with a short rationale of why they were considered key stakeholders/legislators.
  • One group representative reviews two unvisited group blogs and provides viewpoints on their bill and position.

Blog 3 (April 25)

  •  In your blog, discuss any further developments in your bill or within health care as it relates to your bill.
  •  One group representative reviews the blogs of two groups you have not viewed yet and provides an opinion on both sites.
  •  Respond and address any key concerns identified by individual comments.
  •  Reflect as a group on the experience; you may include thoughts on how health policy impacts the nursing profession, scope of practice and the resulting effect on patient care, and general views of the role of nurses in advocating in the health care environment.