Why BBQ? [That is just WRONG!]

Contributors – Jennifer Markfeld



Sheldon Cooper often baffles his audiences with his complex way of teaching physics. This is SO WRONG to me. A teacher or professor should be able to relay information to the class without seeming condescending or ignoring how confused the students are.

I am an Accommodative learner, which means that I thrive in  hands-on and experiment-based learning environments. I also have strong Convergent learning traits – I like practicality and concrete examples, unlike the conceptual nature of Sheldon Cooper’s field. This ties in closely with my strongest learning mode, Active Experimentation. I would much rather be actively involved in my learning through projects or discussions instead of sitting and listening to a lecture for an hour.

Learning according to the Experiential Learning Theory is a process. This process involves the resolution of conflicts and the discussion of ideas. Instead of being fed information from a professor and blindly accepting it as truth, Experiential Learning challenges the student to question ideas and learn for themselves. As an Accommodative and Convergent learner, I am excited to be in a class where the Experiential Learning Theory is used.