The MS-13 Gang in the valley

M-13 originated in Los angles.  Where a lot of El Salvadorian immigrant were relocated at after fleeing there home country. Where they came into contact with local Mexican gangs so the El Salvadorians quickly formed gangs to compete.  Where M-13 rose to become the strongest gang and they just took off from there. The majority of the gang has an ethnic heritage from El Salvador. Most members of the gang cover themselves with tattoos and have there own form of sign language.  They have a huge presence in prisons around the area. Where they acquire cellphones to call their gang and continue their criminal operations. M-13 came to the valley in the 1990’s while they were expanding there territory . The valley was a perfect place because of there already expanding El Salvadorian population which gave a perfect set up for a new chapter of the gang.   The department of homeland security has been scrutinized heavily by local people because they are using massive amounts of tax payers money to deport arrested members of the gang back to El Salvador.  Which makes it very hard for law enforcement to stop this problem because there is a constant supply of new members. Where they quickly leave and come back to the united states illegally there by defeating the purpose of deportation.  This is a major problem for the valley because there is a heavy gang presence that is not going to go away anytime soon as there does not seem to be a solution to this problem.

Gangs Around JMU: MS-13