ImaxShift Forming a Group

I recently viewed an interesting article from The New York Times on spinning at an ImaxShift. There is a fitness studio in Brooklyn which offers spinning classes in front of an Imax screen. The Imax screen displays graphics of an environment such as hills in Dubai, sightings in Paris, and even a virtual roller coaster track. When I saw this article, I thought of our class discussion on groups. I think people who go to this cycling glass demonstrate members of a secondary group. Secondary groups are larger groups that are more impersonal, who share an interest or activity and belong to the group in order to achieve some goal. The cyclists are most likely participating in this workout because they have the shared objective to exercise and burn calories. Some might be there because they share the same interest in spinning, and some who attend this class may come because they enjoy the scenic view. Whether these individuals are participating in this activity to exercise, or for the enjoyment of cycling with a scenic view, the underlying piece is that they are coming together to achieve a shared goal.