Sympathy Rules

Sympathy accounts contain credits we can use to make request to make sympathy for other people.

Sympathy rules:

  1. Don’t make false claims to sympathy. Only ask for sympathy when you really need it and don’t ask for sympathy when you are causing your own problems.
  2. Don’t claim too much sympathy. Don’t claim it too frequently and don’t claim it for too long.
  3. Claim some sympathy.

While learning about the sympathy rule created by Clark, I realized the reason why my friend seemed to irritate me every time we talked. I felt bad for being so annoyed when I thought there was no reason to be annoyed. I felt ashamed for being irritated whenever she talked to me about her problems. My friend would go on and on about how her life was so horrible and her school life was boring. She would be depressed and lacking in motivation. At first, I comforted her by sending her long paragraphs of texts. I reassured her that it is common to feel unsure of the future. However, when this depressing conversation happened over and over again I felt so exhausted. I ended up avoiding her calls and texts. I felt bad for not being a good friend but I really did not have any time and sympathy for her anymore. After learning about the sympathy rule, I figured out that she used up all of her sympathy credits and never really gave back any sympathy for me. I was always just giving her sympathy without getting anything back. Hence, causing  me to run out of sympathy to give.