Nurses: Overworked and Underpaid

I am pre-medicine student and spent the majority of this past summer interning in the pediatric unit of a hospital near my house. While I was assigned to intern with a pediatric surgeon, while in the hospital setting I was able to see the work of nurses and other employees. I watched as nurses were expected to do much more than basic patient care including cleaning up after not only patients, but doctors as well as well as acting as secretaries and answering phones. I was able to see how the concept of nurses lacking power from the Chambliss reading was accurate in the hospital. Nurses are not expected to have opinions, but rather really the doctor’s opinions to their patients. They have very little power or say in treatment plans, but are still required and expected to care for the patients 24/7. It is not hard to see that most nurses are overworked and underpaid. It is neither a glorious job nor one for the weak hearted. Many people view nurses as inferior to doctors because they did not attend medical school; however, they do just as much for their patients in quieter manner