Finding Time for Your Writing Habit?

by: Ed Brantmeier

Scholarly WritersAmid the hustle and bustle of teaching and service work, scholarship sometimes falls to the wayside—especially during the fall and spring semesters when things get thick with meetings, grading, and class prepping.   Amid all of this, do you maintain a writing habit? Do you honor that habit?  When and where to you write best?  Do you binge write when deadlines fast approach?

The Scholarly Writers’ Network, a collaboration between the CFI and the University Writing Center, aims to enhance academic culture through programming customized to phases of the scholarly writing process: brainstorming, drafting, peer review & revision, and polishing/publishing. One of our most popular programs in the Network is the Scholarly Writers’ Lockdown—uninterrupted time for faculty to write during both January and May Symposium.  Some faculty have taken advantage of our Scholarly Writers’ Groups which are faculty facilitated and provide a structured process for faculty to work on manuscripts, books, or other writing projects. You can also request a scholarship consult to work through a writing challenge.

Finding time for your writing habit is important to keep you engaged with the big ideas, practices, questions, and research in your discipline.  Writing, in my conception and practice, is an opportunity to contribute something, to learn, to grow.  One co-produces knowledge and understanding in the process.  Why not register and then come to Friday Writers’ Lockdowns every Friday from 1-4 to cultivate and honor your writing habit?   In peace, Ed

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