Why I Love Scholarship: A January Symposium Musing

by: Ed Brantmeier

I love scholarship because when doing it, I don’t feel so alone. What I mean is that when I dialogue with a community of scholars in my field, I feel connected to world of ideas, obstacles, hope, and potential. In essence, scholarship allows me to connect with great ideas and great people across space and time.

If we ask good questions, we are sent on a QUEST, a journey of loss and discovery, of knowing, of belonging, of being, of becoming. On the journey, on the quest, we encounter great challenges—not knowing, knowing too much, not knowing how or who to ask for help. In essence, we are sojourners on a quest in the face of multiple mountains and valleys. And we need guides to help us through those mountains and valleys. Good mentors on our scholarly journey allow us to ask innocent, naïve, and deep questions.

I love inquiry because it affords me the opportunity to ask big, deep questions, the kind that matter for personal and collective meaning-making. As inquirers, we measure, number, assess, probe, crunch, analyze, synthesize and in the process, we make sense and meaning of subjective truths, normative truths, and empirical truths. We understand individuals, groups, and the empirical world in new, richly complex and simply profound ways. I love scholarship because I can ask deep questions and find the methods to deepen my understanding of the answers and the further questions a good line of inquiry creates.

Come to January Symposium and continue your scholarly journey!

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