In Case You Missed It… Best Practices in Formal Faculty Mentoring Programs (2/21/14)


In Case You Missed It… is a feature of the Center for Faculty Innovation blog providing resources from our programs for faculty who were not able to attend. Although no substitute for being able to attend, we hope that this follow up is useful to you.


On 2/21, Linda Hulton engaged faculty in a roundtable that explored the key concepts and best practices for starting a formal faculty mentoring program within a department. Eight faculty members from six colleges and departments attended the workshop. Please direct any questions about this roundtable to


This was such an engaging group of colleagues who are truly interested in formalizing a faculty mentoring program. In particular, there were great insights on how early career faculty, midcareer faculty, and late career faculty need different types of mentoring and career development.

                                                                                                                        – Linda Hulton




You may reuse these for educational purposes; please reference Dr. Hulton in doing so.

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