In Case You Missed It… Increasing Your Writing Productivity

ICYMI.2In Case You Missed It… is a feature of the Center for Faculty Innovation blog providing resources from our programs for faculty who were not able to attend. Although no substitute for being able to attend, we hope that this follow up is useful to you.

On 3/28, Ed Bratmeier, Lori Britt, and Benjamin Brewer engaged faculty in a roundtable that explored methods for maintaining and increasing scholarly writing productivity. Four faculty members attended the roundtable. Please direct any questions about this program to


When do we write best, what method (binge, block, and or daily timed) for writing works best, and how do we differentiate between urgency and importance when we write? These topics and others were discussed in this roundtable. I admired how different approaches worked for different faculty and that all present strive to be generative, contributing scholars in their disciplines.

                                                                                                                        – Ed Brantmeier13471705964_53723cde75_b13471454083_afd845ba6c_b

No matter which writing strategy employed (block, binge or routinely scheduled), the discussion made clear that getting “meta” about the process through self-analysis and planning would seem to be the clearest path toward a more satisfying and productive relationship with scholarly writing.

– Benjamin Brewer

I enjoyed grappling together with how we have to negotiate our writing styles (block, binge, or daily timed) when we work collaboratively and how to do this in productive ways.

– Lori Britt




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