In Case You Missed It…The Principles and Practice of Effective Classroom Discussions

ICYMI.2In Case You Missed It… is a feature of the Center for Faculty Innovation blog providing resources from our programs for faculty who were not able to attend. Although no substitute for being able to attend, we hope that this follow up is useful to you.

On April 17th, Douglas Harrison met with five JMU faculty members from three colleges to unpack the role discussion plays in the learning process. After speaking about the best practices in designing and deploying discussions in lesson plans, participants had the opportunity to work together to find practical responses to the common pitfalls of discussions in the classroom.  Please direct any questions about this program to


Class discussions are such a central part of what we do as teachers, and it was especially rewarding to be part of a group of faculty thinking and talking insightfully about how to make this central part of the pedagogical experience stronger and more effective for students.

– Douglas Harrison


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