Category: January Symposium

Nurture Your Inner Scholar

by: Ed Brantmeier Mindfulness, simply put, is about paying attention. Paying attention to the moment can have profound impact on experience and perception. Do you pay attention to your scholarship? Is it tough to find the moments to pay attention? Let’s go on an introspective journey together. Why did you become an academic? Was it …

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Why I Love Scholarship: A January Symposium Musing

by: Ed Brantmeier I love scholarship because when doing it, I don’t feel so alone. What I mean is that when I dialogue with a community of scholars in my field, I feel connected to world of ideas, obstacles, hope, and potential. In essence, scholarship allows me to connect with great ideas and great people …

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January Symposium 2013 – Your Scholarly Journey

by: Ed Brantmeier Many of us need time and encouragement to pursue ongoing research and writing, to focus on a new scholarly project, or to hone our research and scholarship skills. Some of us want to network with others or to simply learn more about what our JMU colleagues are doing. Held on Thursday, January …

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