Monthly Archives: October 2013

“Preliminary Design” Begins

The “Schematic Design” phase of our project is now complete. Our architects have developed a list of all spaces that will be needed and we have a plan for how these spaces combine to create a coherent 6-story building. The plan has been submitted to the Commonwealth of Virginia for review and approval of both the design and budget for the project. Things are moving forward on schedule!

The “Preliminary Design” phase has commenced. During the week of September 30, EYP architects returned to JMU to begin a series of week-long meetings that will repeat at three week intervals. This work focuses on room-by-room planning as well as conversations about the common spaces within the building. The building will have incredible laboratories for teaching and research for four CHBS departments. Discussion included seating plans for students in classrooms and in public spaces throughout the building. We spent considerable time discussing how adequate space can be planned for students to be productive as they wait between classes. We discussed possible visual themes throughout the building, use of display boards, interior glazing, artwork in order to convey the activities that central to the mission of the college and our departments.

This building will be one of JMU’s best in many respects. We are going to have a sizable number of classrooms, including some larger ones, and most JMU students are likely to take at least one of their classes in our building regardless of their major. Our classrooms will be well designed and will have an intimate feel even when the class size is large. The building will have a high-density wireless capability and will be able to accommodate a tremendous number of individuals with portable devices. The top floors of the building will have some of the best views; depending on your location you will be able to see most of the JMU Campus, downtown Harrisonburg, or beautiful mountain vistas. A special-event meeting room on the top floor will have views in three directions.

The next few months will be a very busy time for design of our new building! This phase concludes with the submission of preliminary design documents to the state.