Monthly Archives: June 2014

Abatement and Interior Demolition

By CHBS Deans Office

It is hard to see on our webcam, but the abatement and interior demolition process for the new CHBS building is progressing.  Additional abatement will be conducted on the exterior of Montpellier Hall to address previously concealed asbestos.  Don’t be alarmed if you see workers wearing safety suits outside of the building—there is no danger to the public, but workers who are in direct contact with asbestos will take special precautions.

Abatement and demolition should be completed by October 15 and construction of the new building will immediately follow.

Construction Phase Begins!

By CHBS Dean’s Office

The construction of our new building has started with the demolition of the east tower of the old hospital building.

You can monitor construction progress by viewing the live web cam that is linked from the icon on the right. The image on this web cam is updated every 10 minutes. When viewing the camera, when you select “Play,” the series of photographs are played, creating a time-lapse video that shows the work completed to date. The series will expand as the work continues.

The construction manager for our project is Skanska.  Skanska is an international construction group with a major presence in the United States.  Skanska recently completed the construction of Duke Hall.

Construction began with site preparation such as the erection of fencing, disconnecting power and water to the building, protecting drains from the introduction of contaminants.  This work was completed in May 2014.

Skanska has started abatement and removal of items that must be done by hand, including the careful removal of hazardous materials from the old building. They are working from the top floor downward, and as of the end of May they had completed the 6th floor and were working on the 5th. During this process, asbestos was discovered. Care will be taken to contain asbestos residue during removal, and this will delay the overall building demolition process. The expectation is that demolition will be completed October 1, 2014.