SOLs Covered (K-6)

Standards of Learning (SOL) are the Virginia state standards that govern curriculum in VA (These are the newer 2010 SOLs). For more information check the VA DOE website. If an SOL is not listed, then we do not have a demonstration corresponding to it.


→ K.5a, K.5c, K11.b

Grade 1

→ 1.3b, 1.4a, 1.8b

Grade 2

→ 2.3c

Grade 3

→ 3.3a, 3.3c, 3.7a

Grade 4

→ 4.3a, 4.3c, 4.3d, 4.4a

Grade 5

→ 5.3b, 5.4b, 5.4e

Grade 6

→ 6.2e6.4f, 6.5a, 6.5b, 6.6d

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