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Canvas Tip: Setting Up Groups

April 22, 2015

Canvas allows you to set up small groups to with classmates to create assignments, projects, and video presentations. These groups can also function as workspaces that allow for collaboration, file sharing, video conferences, announcements, and discussions. View the video below to learn how to set up groups in your Canvas course.


For more information on using groups in Canvas, visit the Canvas Help Guides.

Contact CIT Support at or 540.568.5312 if you need additional help.









Canvas Tip of the Week: the Syllabus

April 2, 2015

A great deal of instructors can be intimated by the syllabus feature in Canvas. There are many new capabilities as compared to our past learning management system, Blackboard, and these options can seem overwhelming. Here are a couple of helpful tips for navigating the Syllabus page on Canvas so you can maximize the potential of your syllabi.

1. Posting Course Description

Rather than simply attaching a PDF or Word document of your syllabus, Canvas allows you add and edit the content directly to the page via the content editor.

  • Simply click Edit Syllabus Description button at the right side of the page and begin adding your content
  • You can even copy and paste the content directly from a Word document


Uploading the syllabus this way allows students to view the description and information directly, without having to download a file to view. The instructor can also include videos or images in the description. It also allows the opportunity to link out to the rest of the information on Canvas.

2. Linking the Syllabus to Files in Canvas

Canvas enables the option for instructors to link files and assignments for the course directly into the Syllabus description. These links will bring students to the corresponding Canvas page for the item.

  • In order to do this, first type and highlight the words you would like to be the link to the document and click “Files” with the content selector on the right.


  • If the file has already been uploaded to your course files, you can simply locate the document and select it for the link to attach


For more information, watch the “Files Add Course Content” Video on Canvas.

  • If the file has not already been uploaded, click “Upload a new file” and choose the file from your computer.
    • You will then need to select the file under which to save the document. This will automatically save the document to your Canvas files.


  • Finally, click the “Upload” button and the phrase you chose will turn blue and become the link file.
  • Be sure to click the “Upload Syllabus” button to save these changes.


For more Canvas tips, visit the Canvas Help Center or the CIT Support page. If there is a tip you would like to see featured on this blog, please include it in a comment below.