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Aug 10 / Nicole Wilson


Another thank you to Sufi!  He set the dropbox page as private.  This allows only logged in users to access/view the items in the dropbox.

Aug 9 / Andrea Adams


Under the TLT Labs section, basic information is now available about VMWare.

Aug 4 / Andrea Adams

Dropbox Link- View & Upload

Thanks to Sufi, we now have a dropbox link on our top menu bar. We can now view and upload files to our faculty development dropbox from this site.

Jun 27 / Andrea Adams

New Site Updates

Under the Policies section, new policies have been added for Equipment Reservations, Hardware/Software Requests, and Presentation Resources.

Under the Systems section, information has been added about the location of and using the WebDir.

Under the Resources section, information has been added about Dropbox under CIT Resources.