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House Calls

A house call is a scheduled one-on-one appointment with a faculty or staff member at the university. Each house call should be recorded by the staff member that met with the individual for record keeping purposes. In order to log a house call, be sure to complete the following steps:

  • Collect information about participant- Name, People Soft ID (may also need phone number and eID if this person has never been entered in the backroom before).  You can use a house call sign in sheet to assist in collecting this information.
  • Enter the CIT Backroom.
  • Select Walk-Ins and Search for the customer. (If the user is not found, add a new user with appropriate information.)
  • Select Add Walkin.
  • Enter the Date and Your Name. Be sure to choose House Call as the activity.
  • Check Add Housecall as Training if you provided a “workshop” training. Be sure to choose the training code from the bottom drop down menu if you checked Add Housecall as Training.
  • Enter the location and additional comments.
  • Please enter all house calls each month by the end of the month. Housecalls as Training are entered into J-ESS at the beginning of each month.

You can view housecalls entered at-