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Customized Workshops & Events

A customized workshop or event is any formal session scheduled for a department or group outside of the published workshop and event schedule on the CIT website. To prepare for and wrap up a customized workshop or event, be sure to complete the following steps:

  • Print a customized workshop sign-in sheet and fill out appropriate information.
  • Turn into Bobbi for training to be entered in J-ESS.


Low Enrollment, Rescheduling, or Canceling Regularly Scheduled Workshops & Events

  • If a workshop has one person enrolled two days before the workshop, you can email that person to set up a house call. Let Andrea and Bobbi know that you plan to cancel the workshop and set up a house call. You can always offer the workshop time as a possible house call time.
  • If two or more people are enrolled in the workshop then offer the workshop.
  • If you need to reschedule/cancel a workshop due to other circumstances, let Andrea and Bobbi know as soon as possible. The workshop will need to be closed and the participants will need to be contacted.
  • Bobbi normally sends a reminder email 1-2 days before a workshop takes place.


Regularly Scheduled Workshops & Events

A regularly scheduled workshop or event is one that is available for registration under Workshops & Events on the CIT website. To prepare for and wrap-up a regularly scheduled workshop or event, be sure to complete the following steps:

  • A workshop reminder will be sent to all participants prior to the workshop. Bobbi will send this reminder, unless you are teaching an online workshop. Facilitators will need to send reminders for online workshops due to the specific information that needs to be sent.
  • Bobbi will provide you with a roster and certificates for all participants.
  • Take attendance on the roster for the workshop each day that the workshop is offered.
  • Have participants complete the Workshop Evaluation on the CIT website before they leave the workshop. If this isn’t possible, send an email with steps to completing the evaluation online.
  • Turn in the roster to Bobbi as soon as the workshop is complete. Participants will be entered into the J-ESS training database.


Regularly Scheduled Workshop & Event Evaluations

Facilitators can access evaluations completed from regularly scheduled workshops and events through the Backroom. Once logged in to the Backroom, select Administration and evaluation results for the current semester will be displayed under the CIT Training Surveys header.


Student Workshops & Events

A student workshop or event is any facilitated session for a group or class of undergraduate or graduate students. Faculty members can request instruction on a topic that CIT supports. Once you complete a student workshop, please send the following information to Bobbi:

  • Training Title
  • Date
  • Total amount of time
  • Instructor and indicate if the instructor participated
  • Department
  • Number of students
  • Location