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The Backroom is a site available only to CIT staff and requires a valid e-id and password in order to log-in. The Backroom is where staff can enter house calls and walk-ins, review workshop evaluations, and find travel forms and staff meeting notes.


Blackboard is JMU’s course management system and requires a valid e-id and password in order to log-in and access the system. Blackboard includes both courses and organizations. Blackboard’s features include content management, synchronous and asynchronous communication tools, and grade management.

Blackboard Test Server

The Blackboard Test Server is used to test new features in Blackboard prior to releasing them to the faculty and staff at the university. The type of content on the server will vary depending on current testing needs.

EE System

EE System is the administrative side of the CIT website. CIT staff can add announcements, edit staff profiles, add resources, and edit unit pages.


JMUtube is a system that allows faculty and staff at JMU to store and deliver audio, video, and presentation files. JMUtube requires a valid faculty/staff e-id and password in order to set up an account and access the system.


The MDID2 is a system through which images can be selected and presented in a “virtual slideshow.” MDID 2 is available to faculty and staff at JMU and requires an e-id and password to log-in to the system.


The Madison Digital Image Database is a freely distributed, open source web application developed at James Madison University. MDID is a digital media management system with sophisticated tools for discovering, aggregating, and presenting digital media in a wide variety of learning spaces. MDID requires a e-id and password in order to access the system.


Users is a private share for CIT. CIT staff only have access to their personal folders and any group folders for which they have been given permission to access. Content on users is backed up. The users share can be mapped on a computer using the following:\\\users.


The Webdir is an open directory folder that allows you to easily share and access files on any computer across campus that has an internet connection. The Webdir is a folder in the Workspace titled “Webdir.” Once files are placed in the Webdir folder, you or anyone else on campus can access the files on any computer by visiting the following website:

WordPress Admin

WordPress Admin provides access to the CIT installation of WordPress at JMU. Users will be able to access any sites for which they have administrative privileges.


Workspace is a public share for CIT. Individuals can create folders and add content to the share. All content from the share is open to anyone who has access to workspace. The workspace share is also not backed up. The workspace share can be mapped on a computer using the following: \\\workspace.