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Revo Wireless Mic










Using the Revo Wireless Microphone
1. Remove the microphone from the charger base. The microphones turn on and mute themselves automatically when removed from the charger base (flashing red LED) to prevent handling noise while attaching the microphone.
2. The wireless microphone has a clip on the back allowing the microphone to be easily clipped onto a shirt pocket, blouse, or lapel. The microphone can also be clipped to a lanyard and worn around the neck. Attach the microphone to clothing or a lanyard, as close to the mouth as possible (within 6-12 inches).
3. When wearing the microphone, un-mute it by pressing and releasing the mute button (confirm by viewing flashing green LED).
4. To turn the microphone off, first mute the microphone, and then plug it into the charger base. Make sure the LED turns on. Optionally, the microphone can be turned off manually. Simply press and hold the mute button for 10 or less seconds until the LED turns solid red and release button.

Pairing the Revo Wireless Microphone
*NOTE: The wireless microphone should already be paired with the base station. Use the instructions only if the microphone somehow becomes unpaired with the base station.

1. First make sure the microphone is turned off (no LED activity). If the unit is on, press and hold the mute button for 10 seconds until the LED turns solid red (do not release when you hear two beeps). Release the button to turn the unit off.
2. Next, place the microphone unit into pairing mode by holding the mute button for seven seconds. The LED will turn solid green and then solid red. Release the mute button. The microphone unit is now in pairing mode.
3. Finally, press and hold the pairing button on the base station for 7 seconds until the LED turns solid red. Release the button and within a few seconds there will be a quick green flash followed by flashing red on both the microphone and the base station indicating muted audio. Pairing is now complete, and should not be required again.