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Pro Presenter


Starting the Pro Presenter

1.Remove the USB receiver from the bottom of the Pro Presenter.

2. Plug the USB receiver into the computer.

3. Turn on the Pro Presenter using the On/Off switch on the left side of the device.

Using the Laser Pointer

1. Press and hold the button with the green line icon near the top of the Pro Presenter.

Using the Timer

1. Press the Timer set button.

2. Use the Slide forward and back buttons to set the time. Holding the Slide forward or back button accelerates the speed at which numbers are displayed on the LCD.

3. Press the Timer set button again to confirm the time setting.

4. Pressing the Play/Pause button starts the timer. Pressing the Play/Pause button again pauses the timer.

The silent alarm will vibrate with 5, 2, and 0 minutes left. The timer will then start counting up.

6. Holding the Timer set button for 3 seconds clears the time setting.

Using the Range Indicator

1. Pressing the Slide forward, Slide back, Launch slide show, or Black screen buttons will show the signal strength.

2. If there is no signal, the range symbol will blink.