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Clickers Troubleshooting

I am unable to load my participant list. The way the software is configured in some of the rooms on campus, the process of uploading the participant list during class was disabled at the beginning of the semester. A request was submitted to have this changed to avoid any Read more

Changing The Clicker Channel

Old Clickers (XR) 1. Press the Orange Menu Button. 2. When asked if you want to leave Presentation Mode Press the Yes button. 3. To scroll down to Change Channel in the menu press the Yes button (to scroll up in the menu press the No button). 4. Press Enter when Change Read more

How To Poll

Powerpoint Polling      PC Basics      PC Extras      Mac Basics      Mac Extras   Anywhere Polling      Setup      Extras   Self-Paced Polling Results Manager Integration Import participant lists Blackboard            Registering Participants            Import Read more


To use clicker technology you will need to download TurningPoint 8.5, which encompasses all the functionality of TurningPoint 8 as well as TurningPoint Mobile Response. To download the software, simply click on the link below: Note:  You will need to be on campus or use VPN access in order to download Read more

Classroom Channel Assignments

West Campus Mac/PC Channel Zane Showker G1 PC 41 Zane Showker G4 PC 51 Zane Showker G5 PC 41 Zane Showker G6 PC 41 Zane Showker G7 PC 51 Zane Showker 101 PC 41 Zane Showker 102 PC 61 Zane Showker 103 PC 71 Zane Showker 104 PC 81 Read more

Guides and Training

Turning Technologies provides many resources to help you learn the basics and more technical features of TurningPoint 5:    Video Tutorials    Training Documents    Online Classes    Self-Paced Training    User Guides    Triton Clicker Guides