Clickers Troubleshooting

I am unable to load my participant list.

The way the software is configured in some of the rooms on campus, the process of uploading the participant list during class was disabled at the beginning of the semester. A request was submitted to have this changed to avoid any further issues. If this is still happening, you can sync your student answers with the participant list after class back in your office by using the Continue Prior Session feature.


My TurningPoint Charts are not working. They are not populating with my student data.

This could be because the session was not reset before you started, be sure to click on Reset Session before starting a new clicker class to zero everything out.

This could also be due to a feature missing in the PPT objects when Office Upgraded to 2010. IT has been notified and has resolved this issue in the classrooms that were reported to us that clickers would be in use. To fix this on your office computer please see the list of steps below. To double check if your version of PowerPoint is missing the object, go into PowerPoint and click on the Insert menu. Choose Objects. Look for a tool called Microsoft Graph Chart listed. If you do not have Microsoft Graph Chart please follow these instructions:

1. Navigate to the Control Panel on your computer and go to Programs and Features.
2. Click on Microsoft Office Professional Plus in your list of programs and then click the Change Button that is now an option on the menu at the top of the screen.
3. Click Add/Remove Features on the Window that pops up.
4. Scroll to the bottom of the list and click the plus (+) sign next to Office Tools.
5. Locate the Tool called Microsoft Graph and Click the Disk image to the left of it to pull up a menu of options.
6. Choose Run All from My Computer from the list that pops up
7. Click Continue.
This should then update this feature, in general the update does not take that long. To double check that it has worked, go into PowerPoint and click on the Insert menu. Choose Objects. There should now be a tool called Microsoft Graph Chart listed and this is the tool that TurningPoint needs to run your charts.


How can I test if the receiver is working or what channel it is set to?
The easiest way is to open up the software (TurningPoint or TurningPoint Anywhere), navigate to Tools and then Settings. Look for Response Devices and click on that menu. If a receiver is installed you will see a serial number listed. To the right of that serial number is the channel number. To do a quick test to make sure the clickers are working, choose Polling Test and then click Start Test. With the clicker, choose an answer choice, if the software detects the clicker answer the receiver is up and running. If the clicker displays a message “Not Accepting Answers” double check the clicker is set to the correct channel.


My Polling Bar is not showing up.
This could be a setting that was changed. The easiest way to have the polling bar reappear if you are not seeing anything is to navigate to Tools and then Settings. At the bottom of the screen click “Restore Default Settings” and this should reverse any changes that were made.


When I start my slideshow my clicker slides are not working correctly.
Be sure that you opened up TurningPoint before you opened up your PowerPoint file. If you click on the PowerPoint file first you are opening PowerPoint without the clicker functionality enabled and thus your clicker options will not appear. Be sure to open TurningPoint first, then choose file and open to open your PowerPoint file.


For more troubleshooting, check out the Turning Technologies technical support page or contact CIT.