JMU e-text search -Social Work

I was pleasantly surprised when searching for social work texts.  Word on the academic streets was that there were very few e-text resources for social work.  Much to my surprise, the word was incorrect.  There are many generalist texts for social work.  Most of the classes in our curriculum are covered in the e-text database.  The two courses I am interested in are forensic social work and contemporary families.  While I didn’t find a specific text, in its entirety, that I liked for either course, I did find many resources that could be put together to comprehensively cover either course.  I’m excited to learn more about how to put these together to create a text!

Previously, I had used online video clips (youtube, netflix, hulu), and had created my own blog for a class based on online materials.  However, I had not, prior to this e-text search, found much information central to social work.

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