Woe is me!

I was born with a small mind that now shrinks noticeably on an hourly basis.  To help me stay organized, and provide a tool for conveying my “findings” to my colleagues, I am using  a “Google Doc” table.


What have I learned?

The search phrase “communication research methods” is nearly useless as a search term for Leo Online books … only 32 listings, and very few of those deal with communication research.

There are far many more listings for the more general term “social science research.”

Far too many of the Leo Online Book listings that indicate “available” seem to be not available from off-campus locations, even when running the Cisco VPM client.  Instead of opening the pdfs, there are invitations to purchase, or requirements for log-in information apparently different from JMU e-ids and passwords, or the password JMU.  No list could be found of the available resources listed on Leo Online which can be accessed from off-campus, and no information could be found on the necessary log-ins for off-campus access.

There are a 100 (whew!) on-line videos listed for the key words “social science research.”  Add the term “communication” to the search and the list reduces to one (sob!).

There is ample reason to embrace “Google” as a way of life.

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