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With Rich’s interest in e-book authoring, I went on a scouting expedition to see what is happening in this area.

There is a new HTML5 authoring tool with the fun name of Red Staple.  Red Staple, which is web-based, offers a tool to create a standard ePub 2 book or ePub 3 book that includes audio and video.  According to a post on  Red Staple in The Verge entitled “Red Staple Books Offers Web-based, Multimedia e-Book Creation, DRM-free for $29” —

Authors can create books for free by signing up at Red Staple’s site, but the cost comes when you attempt to export your book: $29 for books under 500 pages with the standard ePub 2 format and $99 for larger books or books that include multimedia content.

The Verge post and comments look at reasons for using Red Staple versus Apple’s free iBooks Author.

The following video is a brief demo of Red Staple.


ProfHacker has an interesting post entitled “Make Your Own E-Books with Pandoc.”  The Pandoc web site  describes Pandoc as “your Swiss Army knife”  for convert files from one markup format into another.  The Profhacker post describes making an e-book with the free Pandoc software. It also mentions ProfHacker posts on two other open-source tools for creating e-books:  Sigil, a WYSIWYG ebook editor, and  Anthologize, which uses WordPress to transform online content into an e-book.



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