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Flat World Knowledge: Free and Open Textbooks? From the Flat World Knowledge web site:

5 Universities piloting eTextbook purchase project

Internet2, McGraw-Hill, Courseload, and Five Universities Implement eText Pilot in Spring 2012 UC-Berkeley; Cornell; Minnesota; Virginia; and Wisconsin Participating in Pilot

Digital Textbooks views from Gerry McKiernan Gerry McKiernan offers some perspectives on eTextbooks.

Great overview! Educause presentation on eTexts

Bradley Wheeler gave a great overview of the state of Electronic Textbooks and provided many links to programs at various higher educational institutions. An archive of the Educause presentation: The presentation was originally given on January 24th.

eTexts constituent groups Educause has started an eText constituent group. Feel free to join the listserv.

Apple announces iBooks textbooks for the iPad

Click below to learn more about Apple’s new authoring tool for creating textbooks with dynamic content (e.g. videos and animations) for the iPad: