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Adobe Fundamentally Changes Economics of Publishing on iPad For Single Edition Content

Adobe Fundamentally Changes Economics of Publishing on iPad For Single Edition Content Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) announced Adobe® Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition allowing freelance designers and small design firms to publish interactive content created with Adobe InDesign® CS5.5 software on Apple iPad. With a breakthrough fee of just US$395 per application, Single Edition […]

Open source eBooks for Ed Tech

Open source eBooks for Ed Tech The main text for one of my courses – Intro to Instructional Technology – is available without charge via the National Research Council.  The book – How People Learn – is a very readable account of the convergence of learning theories and key topics in educational psychology/cognitive psychology. Two […]

Wired Campus interview with two leaders of new MITx free courses

The Chronicle’s Wired Campus recently published an interview with two of the leaders of the new MITx project.   The interview asks about  certificates for the free online MITx courses and the trend of educational badges.  Below is the link to the full post — MIT’s New Free Courses May Threaten (and Improve) the Traditional Model, Program […]

Openness in Education

Mary Ann Chappell presented on Openness in Education.  Her presentation is now available.   PowerPoint presentation:   Openness in Education

Free Media for Creative use

Link to Courseload

In his EDUCAUSE presentation, Brad Wheeler notes that the eTexts initiative has adopted Courseload for its eReader and course material delivery (infrastructure).  See info at:  

Utah schools start adopting open source textbooks

“The Utah State Office of Education announced this month it will develop and support the open textbooks for language arts, science and math.” Read more:

Copyright information at JMU

Flat World Knowledge: Free and Open Textbooks? From the Flat World Knowledge web site: