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Copyright questions – Ingram

My copyright question for today has to do with whether I can take a freely available eBook, eg, PDF, and annotate that and embed links for my students.  I am already doing this with two books, listed below:   Ito, Mizuko (2010). Hanging Out, Messing Around, and Geeking Out: Kids Living and Learning with New Media. MIT […]

Copyright question

If we post our own e-texts for our students should we provide explicit usage instructions (such as freely available without alteration or feel free to download and use with reference to the origination? I post on our course website links to code provided by our authors, some of which is how it was in the […]

Copyright and E text

If I am using an etext in a course and the text allows me to insert a comment (as Elsevier does)– and students print out the pages — will my comment show up and is that “altering” of the text that is allowed? If I find a video on line from a peer reviewed site […]

Copyright Questions

1.  When you locate an article on the Internet, can you save it as a pdf and place it on BlackBoard for students to read within a course? 2.  When you find a text online and it is accessbile via link AND pdf download, can you save the download in BlackBoard for the students? 3.  […]

Woe is me!

I was born with a small mind that now shrinks noticeably on an hourly basis.  To help me stay organized, and provide a tool for conveying my “findings” to my colleagues, I am using  a “Google Doc” table.

JMU e-text search -Social Work

I was pleasantly surprised when searching for social work texts.  Word on the academic streets was that there were very few e-text resources for social work.  Much to my surprise, the word was incorrect.  There are many generalist texts for social work.  Most of the classes in our curriculum are covered in the e-text database. […]

Computer Science – let me count the ways

In my discipline we really rely on many electronic resources as a matter of course. For example: are tutorials for the programming language that we use in CS 139/239. While it may be a bit daunting to introductory students, but the end of the first semester, these are wonderful.

JMU e text search

Took the last hour to search around for e texts sources as suggested in Monday’s class session. In the JMU library I came up with 6 e texts when searching for nursing leadership and management. One of those sources is good but it looks to be an annual compilation of topics in that field (although […]