Welcome to the homework page!  We will primarily use this page to provide details about the homework assignments each week.  

Homework for April 2nd – Copyright and Intellectual Property

As it was made clear during our March 19th eText session, we have quite a few questions about copyright and intellectual property procedures when it comes to using online resources!  During our session on April 2nd Brian Cockburn will join us to help us work through some of these questions.

For your homework, please add a new post to the blog that contains the copyright questions you are hoping we can discuss.  

Please put your blog post under the “Projects” category.  To do this, when you are writing your post before you save look to the Categories box on the right and put a check next to Projects to have it show up on the projects page!  Please let me know if you have any questions.

I will be sure to share the link to this blog with Brian Cockburn so he can see your questions prior to the session on April 2nd!

Homework for March 19th – Technology Selection

Now that we have had an overview of some of the available devices and the formats that will work for different devices, we would like you to start thinking about what Technology you would like to select using your $500 Technology Stipend for the sandbox.

Your assignment is to email Jamie Calcagno-Roach (calcagjm@jmu.edu) with your technology selection including the name of the technology, a link to it online if possible to ensure we order what you want, and any other details that we need to know.  We also ask that you include in this email a description of what you will be using the device to do in your teaching beyond the sandbox.

Please feel free to ask any of the facilitators if you have questions.

Homework for Feb. 20th – Find eResources

After our presentations by both Meris and Mary Ann on February 6th, we would like you to venture out and see what kind of resources you can find specific to your discipline.

Please post the resources you find on the Projects Tab of our website and we will review them on Feb. 20th.

If you missed the presentations by Meris or Mary Ann you can check out the Resources Tab to see their materials!

Homework for Feb. 6th – Watch EDUCAUSE Presentation

For your homework this week please take a look at this EDUCAUSE presentation titled: eTexts: A Perishable Opportunity for Higher Education? given by Bradley Wheeler.   He provides a great overview of the state of Electronic Textbooks and shares many links to programs at various higher educational institutions.

An archive of the Educause presentation: http://net.educause.edu/Archives/2719

The presentation was originally given on January 24th.