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Danielle Tamulis Introduction

2012 May 16
by Paul Mabrey

Hi Everyone!

My name is Danielle Tamulis. I recently graduated from JMU this past week and plan to meet my degree requirements by August of this year. I took off from school for six months this past Fall while I worked full time as a Conference Coordinator at the American Society of Civil Engineers. I returned to JMU this past Spring to work on finishing my degree. I took on a full course load of six classes while working part-time at ASCE. I would commute to JMU from Arlington, VA two days a week for classes. As a Coordinator for ASCE, I am in charge of managing contracts for small meeting searches throughout our society as well as developing our Conference Websites. I throughly enjoy what I do at ASCE. It has been a great learning experience for me. When I am not in the office, I spend a few nights a week Bartending in D.C. Although, I have put bartending on hold while I finish my degree over the summer, I hope to start bartending again this summer. In my spare time, I play on a co-ed soccer team with my boyfriend and enjoy going running and hiking with my three year old lab retriever. I also enjoy traveling. When I was 19 I moved to St. John U.S.V.I. with my best friend from High School for the summer after Freshman year at JMU. My mom used to always take my older sister and I there on vacation. Living on island for four months opened up my eyes… it made me appreciate everything I have. Some of the time, we would run out of water and not be able to shower for days. It is the little things in life that we take for granted. While living on island I have made some very close friends. In fact, I am lucky to say that I have been down several times to visit in the last few years. This upcoming June I am taking my boyfriend and his family down for a week. I plan to interview with an event planning company while I am there. Even though I love my job at ASCE, it has always been my dream to live on island again and plan weddings and other events. This opportunity just fell into my lap and I hope to pursue it for a year and see how things go. Below is a link to my portfolio if any of you are interested in checking it out.

I am looking forward to taking this class over the next four weeks.

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  1. tamulida permalink
    May 16, 2012

    I forgot to add a picture to my main introduction post. If you click on my portfolio link you will see a picture of me and a photo I took of my favorite beach on St. John.

  2. Paul Mabrey permalink*
    May 17, 2012

    Great to meet you Danielle, welcome to the class. Sounds like you are very busy but having a lot of fun; that is the best combination! We look forward to you sharing your experiences and maybe some reflections on island food culture. 🙂

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