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Katie Love’s Introduction

2012 May 16
by Katie Love

Good Morning Everyone!

I apologize for my delay in saying Hello – updated my mac software for the site then got completely distracted by playing with that and exploring this page too, now I have figured everything out!

My name is Katie Love (Maya’s freshman year roommate – Hi Maya!) and I am also receiving my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art History in August pending my completion of two classes this May :].  I have loved every moment of my JMU experience and am in no rush to leave!  I was an SCOM and Art History double major but opted for Art HIstory because I didn’t want to be here forever (rather, my parents didn’t want me to be).  I have an incredible passion for cooking and food that has deep roots in my family’s history.  My grandfather’s family migrated from Greece and he went on to attend the Culinary Institute of the Arts in New York and to open several restaurants and hotels in the Maryland and Delaware area.  His son, my uncle also attended while my mother and her sisters did not because it was ‘frowned upon’.  She is living vicariously through me as I am attending CIA in the fall to pursue a career in restaurant management and brush up on my cooking skills.  I LOVE TO COOK but I think I love food in general more…it’s amazing and so complex yet so simple and forgiving at the same time.  I hope to pursue a career as a manager of any upscale restaurant but I wish more to manage or even work for a brewery.  This summer I am living in Dewey Beach Delaware and interning (if you could call it that) at the Dogfish Head brewery while waitressing at North East Seafood Kitchen in Ocean View.

If you didn’t already gather, along with food I love the beach, anything nautical for that matter or water related (grew up on the water).  I also have a great passion for traveling and being with friends and family.  Below I have uploaded a picture of me in Greece this time last year eating a fish, which I forget now what type it was but when you order a fish there, they bring you the entire thing then challenge you to debone it on your own and eat every bit…even the eyeball!  It was delicious and they were very impressed by successful eating without any bones in my meat.  They were also impressed that I had a Greek heritage by the looks of me ;] ha

I apologize again for the delay in this post, but now am a seasoned WordPress user as I have explored every avenue of how to use this thing.  I am incredibly excited for this class and all the discussions as well as information I have been previously unaware of in the field of food!


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  1. Paul Mabrey permalink*
    May 17, 2012

    Welcome to the course Katie. Delayed or not, we are happy to have you as part of the class. Sounds like you will bring quite a bit of food related experience and insight to our discussion. Your picture is very intense, good work. I know that we all look forward to you sharing more about your food heritage, passion and maybe even your internship at Dogfish Head (one of my favorite breweries).

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