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Recent Food Scholarship

2012 October 6
by Paul Mabrey

Niels Halberg. “Assessment of the environmental sustainability of organic farming: Definitions, indicators and the major challenges.” Canadian Journal of Plant Science (2012) 1-16.

Loran Luehr and Dr. Sylvia Smith. “Effectiveness of Food Sustainability Education among Grade School Students.” Journal of Student Research 1:3 (2012): 43-48.

Terry Marsden and Roberta Sonnino. “Human health and wellbeing and the sustainability of urban-rural food systems.” Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 4 (2012): 1-4.

Genevieve Rail. “The Birth of the Obesity Clinic: Confessions of the Flesh, Biogedagogies and Physical Culture.” Sociology of Sport Journal 29 (2012): 227-253.

Rasmus Rahbek Simonsen. “A Queer Vegan Manifesto.” Journal for Critical Animal Studies 10:3 (2012): 51-80.


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