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Recent Food Scholarship

2012 November 26
by Paul Mabrey

Some exciting and provocative recent food scholarship is out. Perhaps something to tide you over as the semester ends and/or the weather turns. Recent is of course relative, most of it is merely stuff I have seen recently. Enjoy!

Carroll, Birdin E. “Rhetoric of ‘Buy Irish Food’ campaigns: speaking to consumer values to valorise the ‘local’ and exclude ‘others’?” Irish Geography (2012): 1-23.

Dumoulin, Elisabeth. “Changes and Perspectives in Food Studies.” International Journal of Food Studies (October 2012): 211-221

Hardwood, Valerie and Jan Wright. “Policy, schools and the new health imperatives.” Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education 33:5 (2012): 611-615.

Kings, David and Brian Ilbery. “Organic and Conventional Farmers’ Attitudes Towards Agricultural Sustainability.”  Organic Farming and Food Production, edited by Petr Konvalina. InTech, 2012.

Lazarides, Harris. “Challenges and Opportunities for the community of Food Sciences to contribute Towards a Society of Healthier Consumers and a Better World.” International Journal of Food Studies (April 2012): 101-108.

Leslie, Timothy F., Cara L. Frankenfield and Matthew A. Makara. “The spatial food environment of the DC metropolitan area: Clustering, co-location, and categorical differentiation.” Applied Geography 25 (2012): 300-307.

McMurry, Andrew. “Framing Emerson’s ‘Farming”: Climate Change, Peak Oil and the Rhetoric of Food Security in the Twenty-First Century.” Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment 19:3 (Summer 2012): 548-566.

Skinner, Diane. “Foucault, subjectivity and ethics: towards a self-forming subject.” Organization (2012): 1-20.

Stephan, Hannes R. “Revisiting the Transatlantic Divergence over GMOs: Toward a Cultural-Political Analysis.” Global Environmental Politics 12:4 (November 2012): 104-124.

Williams, Peter. “Deviance and diversity in dietetics.” Journal of Critical Dietetics 1:2 (2012): 46-54.


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