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Lindsay Kagalis

2014 June 16
by Lindsay Kagalis

Hey everyone! My name is Lindsay and I am a rising super senior.  I’ll be graduating from JMU in December, so I am looking forward to my last semester here.  I am a Cultural Communication concentration and also have a second major in International Relations.  Along with these, I recently completed my minor in Legal Spanish.  In the future I hope to work in a humanitarian field, whether with the government or in the private sector.  During this class I will still be in the Harrisonburg area, although I am originally from Maryland.  While I’m here I hope to get outside as much as possible since I thoroughly enjoy hiking and camping and just enjoying what nature has to offer. Another interesting hobby of mine is that I hula hoop.  I’ve been hooping for about 2 years now and it’s my favorite thing to do to pass the time, especially during the summer.

I think this class will be extremely interesting to learn about the relationship that communication has in relation to food and how food can dictate and shape our identities.  For me, I absolutely love food, so I am looking forward to learning a lot in this semester.  The picture I provided is of a farmer’s market, because I try my hardest to purchase my food from local sources.  While in Harrisonburg, I try to buy as much food as possible from the farmer’s market on Tuesday and Saturday or at the Friendly City Co-Op.  I think it’s a great way to give back to the local community and also have the freshest ingredients possible.  So there’s a little information about myself! I look forward to learning about everyone else and gaining some knowledge about food and communication this month!

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