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Veronica Cuadrado

2014 June 16
by Veronica Cuadrado

Hi Everyone! My name is Veronica Cuadrado I’m a rising Senior double majoring in Communications and Political Science with a minor in English. I will be posting from Ashburn, Virginia. I’m looking forward to this class because it seems like it will be an incredibly interesting elective and I’m looking forward to learning about things that aren’t part of the regular/common Communication major curriculum. I just got back from a trip to Lima, Peru where we ventured out to Trujillo, Peru and then Huanchaco, Peru. I spent a few days visiting family then went to Huanchaco which is a mecca of sorts for surfers from around the world and enjoyed the sand and surf. Since I’m Peruvian, food is the center of so many, if not all, of my familial and societal structures and I would love to learn more about that particular food Communication relationship. This summer, after this class, I will be traveling to Canada, specifically Toronto and then grab a train to Montreal with my sister, cousin, and boyfriend. My favorite thing in the world to do is hang out with family and friends and I’m looking forward to doing a lot of that this summer.

Looking froward to the rest of this class and learning a lot about Food Comm.

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