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Graduate Student Food Scholars Call

2014 July 27
by Paul Mabrey

Looking for a place to do your Food Studies research project or (masters) thesis work?

This is a unique opportunity for students to display their talent within our field of research, on International research projects about Food Systems, Food Education and Pedagogy, Food Security and Food & Culture and to collaborate with some of our partners in the food field (FAO, BCFN Foundation, AMIExpo, SlowFood, Cerealia Festival, other U.S. University food-oriented research centers)


  • An international research and study environment
  • Individual supervision and mentoring
  • Modern facilities
  • Support, supervision, mentoring can be provided at distance (you can develop your research project in your country – we will help you and suggest how to collect your data, we will support you to organize your data, and we will work together on reporting your research results, and to give them visibility thanks to the collaboration with our academic and private partners)

We are always seeking highly motivated and engaged graduate students. To start a research project or a thesis project at GUSTOLAB INSTITUTE CENTER FOR FOOD STUDIES, you should have finished your undergraduate studies, or you should be able to finish within a short time. Your background should be in Food Studies, Food Science, Environmental Studies, Economics, Political Science, Design and Critical Thinking, Food Education and Pedagogy, Urban and Community Planning, Communication and Media, Nutrition, Biology or related (food) areas. You will be part of one of our research groups that works within your area of interest. Graduate students from every part of the world are accepted.

How to apply:

If you are interested in joining one of our research projects, contact

please write in the object of your email “call for graduate students” and attach your short cv.


We do not offer scholarships. We strongly believe in “collaborative and distance” work that is possible thanks to ICT technologies – so feel free to apply even if you don’t live and work in Rome. In addition, we help and support students and collaborators to apply for and obtain scholarships and grants (reference letter, research proposal, etc…).

What we are currently looking for:

Graduate students (specifically but not limited to Asia, Africa, South America and North America), with interest in food systems, methods for creating training for policy makers (in the food field), educational assessments, urban and community planning, food security, food waste, sustainable agriculture, food design.


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