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Food and Culture CFP

2014 August 31
by Paul Mabrey

Call for papers for thematic dossier:  FOOD AND CULTURE

Ed.: COLLAÇO, Janine H.L. Universidade Federal de Goiás(UFG) & MENASCHE, RenataUniversidade Federal de Pelotas (UFPel)

SOCIEDADE E CULTURA magazine has publicly announced a call for papers for the thematic dossier, organized by Professors Janine H.L. COLLAÇO (Universidade Federal de Goiás) & Renata MENASCHE (Universidade Federal de Pelotas).  The V. 18 (1) is expected to be released by early 2015.

Papers in Portuguese, English, or Spanish will be accepted if according to magazine standards (available at, and related to the following thematic line:

Since the late 1990s, food in a large perspective has been gaining increasing interest in Social Sciences, which is due, to a large extent, to the issues arising from the phenomenon of globalization. Several studies have examined changes in eating practices along with the loss of traditional and identitarian elements. Other studies brought concerns around the body, the influence of scientific discourse in food choices, manifestations of hunger and food security policies, new concepts around the eating and what is food. Moreover, studies valued aspects of the growth of cities and the relationship between town and country, the consumption of tradition as a touristic experience and/or heritage, in addition to spatial reallocations promoted by post colonial processes. This scenario allows us think food, above all, as an opportunity to illuminate the path of cultural, social and political diversity. Eating involves an intricate network of relationships, expectations and choices that are subject to rules, negotiations, conflict, reinforcing its broad character. Yet a routine, the act of eating never reflects a neutral action: it is covered by meanings and values that are materialized in choices and eating practices, denoting political disputes and complex interactions.

Given this framework, the purpose of this volume is welcome papers that address different aspects of eating and it interface with culture by exploring frontiers that emphasize challenging questions beyond the traditional ties related with class, ethnicity, gender, generation, and show how an ordinary, everyday act, eating, has implications that enable reflections on central themes of our time: the formation and rupture of national states, the rebuilding of nationalisms, global flows and localized reactions, new identities and their recognition, uses of traditions and memories, conflicts between scientific and traditional knowledge, new concepts around eating derived from new technologies, government regulation and public policy, among others.

Contributions must be sent directly to the dossier organizers through the following .

Deadline to send papers: january 30th 2015.

SOCIEDADE E CULTURA  (CULTURE AND SOCIETY) is an open access, peer-reviewed journal published by Faculdade de Ciências Sociais of the Universidade Federal de Goiás, Brazil.  S&C is published in both print and online versions.

In addition of papers for the dossier, the journal is continuously receiving other contributions: papers on various subjects, research notes, and reviews on relevant books in social sciences.  Papers must be sent to the journal editors according to submission guidelines (see

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