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Gender and Food Culture CFP

2014 October 14
by Paul Mabrey

Call for Papers: Women, Gender & Research

Themed issue: Gender and Contemporary Food Culture

Cooking aside, I am what you’d call a domestic slut.

– Nigella Lawson
Reducing childhood obesity is a moral obligation to our children and a patriotic obligation to our country.

– Michelle Obama
I think every woman should have a blowtorch.

– Julia Child

Over the last decades, the way we eat has changed dramatically and the importance we prescribe to food seems to be constantly increasing. Food is everywhere – and it is taking on new meaning as it moves out of the kitchen and into new domains and new medias. Indeed, having moved far from being merely the daily duty of the housewife, today food is an arena claimed by both the gadget-interested gastroman and the put-together overachiever-mom – and everyone in between.

Food and gender have always intertwined in complicated and ambiguous ways. On the one hand, food has been at the very center of domains that have worked to maintain gendered stereotypes and social inequality between the sexes. On the other, however, food has historically also been used as a means to resist the gendered order and promote female creativity and empowerment in different arenas, for example through real-life hunger strikes or in well-known works of fiction such as Babette’s Feast.

In this themed issue of Women, Gender, and Research (Kvinder, Køn og Forskning) we want to spotlight how this increased importance and interest in food interplays with contemporary gender issues and negotiations. We invite contributors within all disciplines to propose articles, and encourage an interdisciplinary outlook. Contributions should be in English and could for example consider the relationship between food, gender and masculinity, sexuality, class, religion, nation, ethnicity, technology, body and consumption, as well as consider theoretical perspectives on the intersection between doing gender and “doing food” and intersectional analyses of food and food cultures.

Theme editors: Jonatan Leer, Department of Education, Aarhus University and Katrine Meldgaard Kjær, Department for the Study of Culture, University of Southern Denmark.

Deadline for abstracts 1st of January 2015 (1/2 – 1 page. Max. 400 words)
Deadline for articles 1st of march 2015 (32.000 – 45.000 characters or 5-6000 words) Send abstracts to sub-editor Matilde Lykkebo Petersen:

Please find the Guidelines for Contributors at our webpage:

Questions may be addressed to the above or to the editors of the themed issue Katrine Meldgaard Kjær ( & Jonatan Leer (

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