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Gender and Food CFP

2015 July 14
by Paul Mabrey

Call for Proposals: Advances in Gender Research 22

Gender and Food: From Production to Consumption And After

      Edited by: Marcia Texler Segal and Vasilikie Demos

Submission of Abstract for Consideration by October 1, 2015

Completed Draft * due by January 15, 2016

Publication Date: Fall 2016

We are looking for papers exploring the relationship between gender and food as evidenced globally, societally, and locally with respect to the full range of issues associated with production, consumption and the effects of both.

Abstracts of at least 500 words or early drafts of papers on gender as it impacts or is affected by access to agricultural land and markets are welcome as are abstracts on the relationship between gender in food desert neighborhoods, school feeding programs, and food banks. We also welcome abstracts on gender and child malnutrition/hunger, food preparation, food practices and diet, eating disorders, food and emotions, food fashions, food vending, food resources, food ethics and morality, food security/insecurity, alternative food movements, food industry, food preferences, food proximity, food sovereignty, food discourse, food safety, and food labeling. The relationship between gender and food cross-nationally, gender and the relationship between food animals and fisheries, gender as it affects food service employees and gender as it impinges on agrarian class structures are also appropriate topics. Papers that use an intersectional approach and those that have stated policy implications are especially welcome.

Papers that use an intersectional approach or have stated policy implications are of special interest. Both qualitative and quantitative abstracts are welcome. The editors will base their decision to publish submitters’ papers on review by the AGR editorial board. Submitters will be informed of the editors’ decision by November 15. Abstracts, drafts of a paper and inquiries should be sent to both Vicky Demos: and Marcia Texler Segal:

*Completed papers should be under 8,000 words.

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