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Brady – Online Marketing of Food and Beverages to Children

Brady, Jennifer. “Online Marketing of Food and Beverages to Children: A Content Analysis.” Revue canadienne de la pratique et de la recherche en diététique, Winter 2010: 166-170.

Key Words- Marketing, Food, Children

How food is marketed has an effect on the decisions we make when selecting food, this effect is greatest on children. For this reason Canada has created the children’s code, enforcing law that industry cannot market products to children under the age of twelve without licensing on print and broadcast. The children’s code was created to promote responsible marketing to children but does not cover the use of internet media.
The objective of this study was to establish if websites for food and beverages use target market appeal, increased engagement, increased awareness of the brand and website (viral marketing), influence children preferences, increased brand engagement (use of characters). The study found that a great majority of the websites studied used a variety of these techniques to market products to children.
This study served as a medium to prove that the internet facilitates a new means for marketing products to children. These means are used most to market products that are not healthy, like sodas, fast food and sugar cereals. These products are poor nutritionally and pose a threat to Canada Children’s Code. This study has put pressure on the creators of the code to create a new and all inclusive code to transgress international borders to cover internet marketing. This study was also a stepping stone toward discovering to what extent this kind of marketing influences the diet of children.

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  1. October 30, 2012

    Well written post.

    I agree with you that marketing can influence the diet of children.

    Healthy food don’t appear as often as junk food.

    We must remember not to eat only to feel full, yet we must eat to provide nutrients to our body.

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