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Brunori – Local food and alternative food networks

Brunori, Gianluca. “Local food and alternative food networks: a communication perspective.” Anthropology of Food S2 (2007). (accessed May 20, 2011).

Keywords: local, quality, relocalization

This article is in support of food relocation strategies.  The author is in favor of the Slow Food Movement, saying that it is an example of finding quality alternatives.  The Slow Food Movement can “shift the boundaries” focusing on issues such as biodiversity and social justice.

The author is in favor of purchasing local food, saying that it shifts the balance through “relocalization” .  There are different types of relocalization such as symbolic, physical, and relational.

The article then goes on to evaluate different relocalization strategies.  The three types of relocalization, symbolic, physical, and relational, are all interrelated and can be combined in different ways to yield different results.  The quality of food must be analyzed and a relocalization must occur to improve the quality of food.

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