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Buijzen – The effectiveness of parental communication

Buijzen, Moniek. “The effectiveness of parental communication in modifying the relation between food advertising and children’s consumption behaviour.” British Journal of Developmental Psychology 27 (2009): 105-121.

Keywords: children, television, advertising, parents, food, communication

This article was written to examine effectiveness of different types of parental communication in children’s responses to various television food advertising. This article looked at the various styles of advertising and communication that affected children’s exposure and consumption of different types of food products. In the findings, they noticed that active advertising mediation, which includes explaining the purpose and nature of advertising, as well as emphasizing control significantly, lowered the impact of advertising on these children’s food consumptions. Parents’ restrictions among these advertisements only proved to be effective among the younger children. After surveying and studying this, the author notices two types of verbal communication that are identified with parents to use with their children in responding to advertising- these include advertising mediation, and consumer communication, which will be touched on further if you read the entire article.

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