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Drewnowski and Darmo – Food choices and diet costs

Drewnowski, A. Darmo, N. “Food choices and diet costs: an economic analysis” The Journal of Nutrition 135 (2005): 900 –904.

Keywords- socio-economic, food choice, diet

Food choice is both social and economic. The sad truth of it is that the food high in fat and sugar is cheap and therefore readily available for low income families. These foods are high in energy and low in cost. This focuses the concentration of obesity in the lower and poverty stricken classes.

Various movements in policy change and even legal action have been considered to make these products less desirable. Methods of making low fat low sugar alternatives more available have also been exercised however, the most effective and preferred method is to educate people what exactly they are eating, and the risks or benefits associated with their choice.

A series of studies have simulated the optimal nutrition at the lowest cost. All in all it has proven that the food choices and patterns associated with class structure boil down to affordability.  Realistically, the high cost of fruit and vegetables is not economically sustainable for the lower income families.

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